Two Wheel BLAT is an enthusiast motorcycle blog, currently in a ‘build-up’ phase – meaning I’m adding information, links etc. It’s starting off as a place for me to log cool stuff I come across for my own reference, but also looking to build this into something more – I’m thinking this resource will eventually pave the way for custom content.

My Rides:

The Suzuki Boulevard was the bike which I first had my eye on when I was going for my learners license. This is a modern version which embodies the spirit I was after:

It’s a great looking bike, but due to Learner restrictions, I’d have to start on the 250 Intruder. Not a bad bike, but a wee bit too small for a cruiser.

SO I started on a standard bike (or ‘naked’ if you prefer) – a Korean brand Hyosung. For my next bike, I stayed with this styled bike with the Triumph Street Triple and have moved on to a Yamaha MT-09  – which is my current ride, as of writing (or FZ-09 as it’s known in the States). However, I’ve added a very cool Yamaha Stryker for the weekends and generally ‘blatting’ around:

A fabulous looking bike, billed as a factory custom. Bought it as soon as I saw it.

It’s not a Harley. Yamaha make great bikes for a great price and it costs less than half the price of the equivalent HD. And the way I look at it, instead of funding a more expensive car, I can maintain a couple of great looking bikes for about the same price … probably less.

Anyhow, why not bookmark and enjoy the ride?