Triumph Bobber? Get the Old School inspiration kit

When I first saw the Triumph Bobber, I wasn’t too impressed.

The stock bike. Can’t put my finger on it, but feels like there’s something missing …

It looked like there was something missing.

To be honest, I’m not overly enthralled with the Bobber style, but this is just personal taste. Hey –  whatever floats your boat. Being different is a good thing, otherwise we’d all be riding the same type of bike and how boring would that be?

However, Triumph will have available an ‘Old School Inspiration Kit’, which is a package to customise your ride with premium Triumph parts and accessories – this particular kit includes the pictured ape handle bars and brown leather seat.

And the old school is very cool. Very, very cool indeed. Check it out:

This looks like something I’d want to ride!

If you’re looking at a Triumph Bobber, you owe it to yourself to grab the kit. In my (humble) opinion, this completes the intended look of the bike and gives it that street tough attitude and old school cool feel it was lacking before.


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